About the Foundation

The International Opera Foundation is the result of the vision of opera soloist Marija Jelić, who conceived this project with the aim of bringing a new shine to the opera scene, both through productions and educational programs.
The mission is clear: to provide young, talented opera artists from different parts of the world with access to top-notch mentoring teams and resources to enhance their skills and prepare them for the international stage.
At this moment, our young artists have the privilege of collaborating with renowned names from the world opera scene, such as Daniele Orlando, whose career includes engagements at prestigious opera houses worldwide, sharing her rich experience as a mentor to our participants. In addition to her, our team of lecturers includes world talents like the internationally acclaimed tenor Juan del Bosco, founder of the International Summer Opera Festival in Morelia, and Luis Ledesma, a baritone whose interpretations have captivated audiences on the most prestigious opera stages.
Our Foundation not only provides young artists with the opportunity to gain stage experience but also enables valuable networking with conductors, directors, and other top singers. We believe that institutions like ours are crucial for the development of future opera stars, providing them with crucial support and resources that lead them to global success.