Mission /Vision



The mission of the International Opera Foundation is to support and develop young talents in the field of opera, providing them with opportunities for professional development and artistic growth. We focus on artists from the Republic of Serbia and neighboring countries, but we are open to collaboration with talents from all over the world. Our mission is to provide free programs covering opera productions, summer opera schools, masterclasses, and scholarships, enabling young talents to fulfill their potentials without financial barriers. Additionally, we aim to bring the most eminent artists from all over the world to Serbia to share their knowledge and experience with our young talents, encouraging quality and innovation in opera art. Through our work, we strive to create an inspiring and supportive environment that will provide young talents with the necessary skills and confidence to achieve excellence in their careers.



Furthermore, we aim for Belgrade to become a central hub for opera art in the region, offering international productions involving both young talented artists from Serbia and the region, as well as established artists from around the world. Our vision is for the capital of Serbia to become a new epicenter of creativity and excellence in opera art, inspiring and enriching the local and global opera community.